Ontario's Phase 1 Plan For Reopening The Province

On May 14th 2020, #Ontario's Premier announced the Phase 1 plan for reopening the province.

Below is a snapshot of the industries that will begin an easing of restrictions:

1. Construction

  • Resuming all construction activities

2. Retail locations outside of shopping malls and/or with a separate street front entrance

  • Retailors must limit the number of customers in a store at any one time

  • Encouraged to book appointments in advance for a spot

  • Encourage curbside pickup or deliveries

3. Motor vehicle dealerships

4. Media operations

  • Music recording, production, distribution

  • Digital media

  • Film and television post-production

  • Publishing, newspaper, video games and books

5. Research and experimental developments

6. Emissions inspection facilities

7. Seasonal businesses

  • Golf driving ranges

  • Recreational services at marinas

  • Cycling tracks

8. Sports activities for individual competitors

9. Healthcare and household services

  • Hospitals, independent health facilities, clinics, and private surgeries

  • Supportive services for surgeries

  • In-person counselling

10. Pet services

  • Pet care (grooming, sitting, training)

  • Veterinary appointments

11. Libraries for pickup or delivery

12. Indoor and outdoor householder services

  • Housekeeping

  • Maintenance, repair, and property management

Stay safe and well,

- The Proma Team

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