goProma Update: Covid-19 - Issue No.1

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Date: March 20, 2020

Dear valued clients,

I trust that you and your families are all safe as we try to navigate this unprecedented time.

As we enter into week two (2) since the government announced mandated #socialdistancing, Proma would like to advise you on our current understanding of the construction landscape.

Please note that the information below pertains to #Ontario and is changing hourly.

Building Departments & Permits

  • Permit submissions are still being accepted but expect major delays in review and approval.

  • Permit approvals – more information to come but assume on hold.

  • Inspections – more information to come but assume on hold.

Architects, Designers, and Engineers

  • Most consulting firms continue to stay open – expect delays in responses or deliverables based on the epidemic.


  • Onsite work is still being conducted for those projects currently in construction.

  • Expect timelines to extend based on workers falling ill, inspection delays, and/or scarcity of materials.

  • Increased health & safety measures have been announced.

Materials & Procurement

  • Expect delays in delivery times and quantities in the coming weeks.

  • As manufacturing plants are anticipated to slow-down or close, materials will become scarce.

As more information becomes available, we will update you all accordingly. Please email me directly with any questions or free advice on how to navigate your project.

Proma Management Inc. is open as we have long adopted a virtual workplace.

Our business will continue uninterrupted. Please email us at for additional updates or project advice.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Proma Management Inc.

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