goProma Update: Covid-19 - Issue No.2

Date: March 30, 2020

Dear valued clients,

I trust that you and your families are all safe as we try to navigate this unprecedented time.

As we enter week three (3) of mandated #socialdistancing by the Canadian government, Proma would like to advise you on our current understanding of the #construction landscape during the #coronavirus.

Ontario has deemed construction an #essentialservice therefore, our industry is pushing forward. Please note that the information below pertains to Ontario and is changing hourly.

Building Departments & Permits

  • Permit submissions are being accepted but expect major delays on review and approval depending on your local municipality. Please call your municipal Building Department to ask about anticipated timelines.

  • Permit inspections are being conducted yet expect difficulties booking. Our advice is to call several days ahead to ensure your desired inspection date.

  • Health & Safety inspections are ramping up to ensure construction companies are following the new construction safety guidelines as per Covid-19.

Architects, Designers, and Engineers

  • Most consulting firms continue to stay open – expect delays in responses or deliverables based on the epidemic. Please call your consultants directly to ask about potential delays and revised timelines.


Increased Health & Safety requirements have been announced within #Ontario during #Covid19:

  1. Improved on-site sanitation required with specific mention to high-touch areas including hoists, door handles, and trailers.

  2. Additional handwash stations with soap and water, washroom facilities, and increased cleaning schedules.

  3. Staggered shifts in order to create greater physical distance between workers. This includes detailed scheduled lunches, breaks, numbers of employees allowed in each space.

  4. Restricted site numbers and limited elevator use.

  5. Improved communication of roles and responsibilities and health policies by posting site sanitation and work schedules.

  6. Improved tracking and monitoring of workers.

  7. Protection of family and roommates; onsite workers are recommended to wash clothes as soon as they get home.

  8. All workers are to notify their supervisor or call public health immediately if they experience cold or flu-like symptoms. They must then self-isolate for 14 days.

  • Expect timelines to extend based on workers falling ill, inspection delays, and/or scarcity of materials.

  • Workers have the right to refuse unsafe work (as always) therefore, Covid-19 can cause significant delays in construction completion.

Materials & Procurement

  • Expect delays in delivery times and quantities in the coming weeks.

  • As manufacturing plants are anticipated to slow-down or close, materials will become scarce.

As we continue to navigate in these unknown waters, I would expect to see many of these newly implemented H&S recommendations to become a regular part of construction requirements moving forward. At Proma, we are expecting this level of attention to become the new normal as we slowly overcome the current pandemic. We are entering into a new way of living and working and we believe this is the new beginning of several changes to our industry.

As more information becomes available, we will update you all accordingly. Please email us directly with any questions or free advice on how to navigate your project.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Proma Management Inc.

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